Tulasara Purification Treatment

The older I get, the more I realize how important skin care truly is. I remember being in high school and being blessed with clear skin that I didn’t even wash daily. (Eeek, you live and you learn!) Now if I don’t wash my makeup off the night before, I will wake up with a blemish. As I have traveled down the path to find my perfect skin care routine, I have discovered how truly personal it is. Everyone’s skin in different and react differently to products, even if they have the same “skin type”. Ashka Salon Spa offers a service called Tulasara Purification Treatment. I believe that if you are wanting to dive into the world of skincare, but it seems a little too daunting on your own, you need this service.

tulasara purification Treatment

Tulasara Purification Treatment – What is it?

A Tulasara Purification Treatment is a basic purification, dry-brushing exfoliation, facial massage and treatment plan. This basic treatment is a professional skin cleaning. It does not include manual removal of congestion or intensive work on skin concerns.You get to receive an amazing, relaxing service with a licensed esthetician and you will also be able to ask questions specific to your skin. You will be able to see how Aveda products react with your skin and our amazing estheticians will be able to guide you in the right direction for a good at home skin care routine.

Right now, until March 4th 2018, we are running a special that if you come in for a hair appointment, you will receive a coupon for a FREE Tulasara Purification Treatment. Another added bonus is that when you come in for the treatment, you also receive 20% off AVEDA products. You must have the coupon with you to take advantage of this $50 steal!

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