Anchor of Hope is Ashka’s Community Giving Fund and boasts a 100% Give Back Policy. It is with great pride and commitment to cause that we offer this policy. With 30+ days notice, a gift card, goods or services will be donated to your event or fundraiser as long as you are local and non-profit.

In 2014 we launched Anchor of Hope as a way to increase community involvement and giving. Recipients of this fund are listed on our website and to receive a donation all you need to do is fill out the donation request form.

Because we encourage donation requests and field hundreds of inquiries we do ask that any one requesting a donation abides by the guidelines set forth. In addition to a 30-day notice, the donation must be picked up in person within one week after being notified that it is ready.

Many times we receive a thank you card or letter from the recipient of a donation. We do appreciate the kind words and are happy to be involved in the success of hundreds of events that happen throughout the year. The most meaningful “thank you” we could receive from an event or its organizer is an online review or referral.

Taking a moment to thank Ashka and Anchor of Hope online is greatly appreciated. We would never request an untrue referral – if you haven’t experienced our services before, we would simply appreciate a simple note of gratitude for the donation and the fund and mission that allowed your cause to be supported.

We truly appreciate the opportunity to enrich the events that are so integral to our community and being involved in the success of so many important endeavors is the most rewarding “thank you” of all.


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