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Luxurious Hair Extensions

Do you dream of long, luxurious, thick, beautiful hair? Long hair that flows down to your shoulders or back?  What about bangs or a ponytail? Temporary clip-in hair extensions for events that you can keep long term? Maybe you just need a boost or want those hard to grow sides thicker and fuller!  Whatever the reason you want extensions – we have the right fit for you. We know that extensions in some shape or form can enhance ANY one’s hair! With custom blended colors and shades ranging from the most beautiful blondes, brightest reds, shiniest brunettes and the most intense fantasy colors. Your dream for longer, thicker, edgier, fuller and more beautiful hair is possible at the hands of our extensions specialists.

Our hair extensions specialists are trained in some of the most amazing techniques and systems in the world. Using only 100% human hair gives you maximum flexibility for styling and provides you with long-lasting results. We offer a variety of extensions including Socap, Hairdreams, DiBiasi and Klix. Most of these use a keratin bond, but we also offer true customization for clip-in extensions, Hairdreams Quikkie tape-in extensions and silicone-coated microbead bonds.

Beyond changing or enhancing your hair’s overall look, extensions can be used to cover scars from head injuries or surgery, as well as deal with different types of hair loss. Our extensions specialists are skilled in many application methods. The placement as well as the bonds can be customized to fit any situation.

Our extensions specialists will consult with you to determine the best technique and the type of extension to suit your need.  We believe it is important to offer different options for hair extensions because not one type, method or application suits every need.  Our extensions specialists are on the cutting edge of our industry’s trends and techniques.

You will be given an exact quote upon a required complimentary in-salon consultation. All charges will be discussed during the consultation and there will be no hidden fees or necessary products to purchase. If you choose to schedule your customized extension service we will take a 50% deposit (non refundable) up front to cover the cost of the hair and you will pay the balance when you come in for the appointment.

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