Balayage Hair Color Near New Hudson and Salem

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Everyone is talking about the balayage hair color trend. We have been seeing it on celebrities for a while now and people everywhere are dying to get this low maintenance look! Now with Ashka Salon+ open in South Lyon, people in the New Hudson and Salem areas can reach their hair dreams easier than ever! Balayage is a great option for people who like dimension through their hair! It’s a nice way to add a pop of color.

new hudson salem balayage

Balayage Hair Color Available Near New Hudson and Salem

The “rooted” trend that balayage is nothing new. It has been around for a while now, but it truly does take an expert to give you that seamless blend. Without a perfect transition, this look goes from naturally sun kissed to a very harsh pop of color.

Balayage can be done in so many different ways to achieve a variety of looks. It can range from super blonde to subtle dimension. It’s always important to bring in pictures of the look you are going for so you and your stylist can have a full consultation about the process. It some time will take more than one session to achieve your desired out come. Many “pinterest pictures” are of 12 hour long appointments or have thousands of dollars worth of extensions. When you come in for your appointment your trained colorist will be able to give you a realistic expectation for your specific hair.

A lot of times you see balayage processing in open air. Really though to be able to get the bright blonde ends you need to put the hair in foils. By incubating the hair in foils, the heat gets trapped and helps lift the hair to a lighter color.

Call up to Ashka Salon+ and book your appointment today to get your dream hair!

Until Next Time,
Josie 🙂

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