SarahMaster Spa Therapist, Massage, Skin Care & Nails

    Sarah is a graduate of Everett Institute in 2010 and is a Certified Massage Therapist. In 2011 she furthered her skills by becoming a Licensed Nail Technician. She is an accomplished Spa Therapist and has built her clientele quickly by being conscientious and thorough. She has also worked with specialized modalities on Detroit Lion’s athletes. She prides herself on doing a thorough consultation prior to each spa service and focuses to meet the individual needs of each of her guests. She is currently working to earn her Esthetician’s license and is an integral part of the growth and stability of Ashka’s Spa. She is a person of great character, and when she isn’t with guests she can be found contributing to the needs of the facility and her coworkers with a smile on her face!


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