It is our mission to completely DELIGHT each of our guests servicing them above and beyond their expectations. If your experience has been disappointing in any way, please inform us immediately.

For any spa or nail service, we must be informed of your dissatisfaction within 24 hours.

For any cutting, coloring, chemical or styling services we must be contacted within 14 days in order to address any challenges. Within this time frame, we promise to work with you until you are completely satisfied. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee our services if they have been altered by another salon, at home or if non-recommended products have been used.

If there is a complaint, frustration or challenge of any kind, we ask that the person who received the service be the one to call in. We are only able to rectify the situation by talking to the person that received the service from consultation to checkout. We are not able to solve all issues, especially if the guest refused a consultation, did not present what they wanted or confirmed that the service was what they wanted throughout the service and at the end. We will do the best we can to satisfy all guests, but we do encourage guests to notify their service provider with any concerns prior to leaving.

All guests 12 years and younger are required to have a parent or legal guardian with them throughout the service. Guests who are 12-18 years old should only be unaccompanied if their parent or legal guardian deems them able to have a proper consultation, express their likes and dislikes and confirm satisfaction of their service on their own. If the parent or legal guardian has any doubt that they can handle these parts of a service that alters their look, they MUST be accompanied.

Please do not hesitate to directly contact our General Manager, Jozie, at (734) 414-9980 and she will assist you.


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