We are pleased to offer the very best products in all of our services. This same thing holds true for our facial and body waxing services. We searched high and low and tried several different epilating products on the market before settling on the Nufree Hair Removal System. It has many similarities to your typical wax but it does not contain wax, sugar, honey or chemicals. The product is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial to offer you the cleanest and most sanitary hair removal service possible. Nufree is not tested on animals, and therefore lines up with our mission to offer the safest natural beauty products in the world.

Nufree is extremely gentle and is a solution to hair removal for sensitive or irritable skin. Your skin should not be itchy or swollen after the service and in conjunction with the use of Finipil after the service – ingrown hairs will be at a minimum.

Both Nufree and Finipil are carried by thousands of the largest salons and spas in the country. Nufree does not stick to the skin, is germ free and completely botanical…so it is safe to use on the entire body. Nufree does not dry when it cools so it can easily be removed and reapplied even over the same area if necessary. Finipil is a patented and FDA registered antiseptic cream which destroys bacteria, cools and soothes the skin while it protects the empty hair follicle over time. It also reduces redness and is recommended for daily use on any area that is epilated to increase the time between hair removal treatments. It rids of old ingrown hairs, prevents new ones and keeps the follicle sanitary and protected from clogging due to waxing, shaving or hard water.

Nufree is just slightly warmer than your skin and should never feel “hot” like other waxes or hair removal products. This prevents the possibility of burning due to heat or hot spots in traditional wax. Our estheticians have specialized in waxing, including bikini and Brazilian waxing, for many years and Nufree is the ideal professional product for you!


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