Lisa opened Ashka Salon & Spa with her husband in 2003 after 16 years in the beauty industry. She opened a business to create a place for artists, designers and spa professionals to launch careers in an environment that was warm, exciting and driven. Lisa’s actions are louder than her words and she still works as a Stylist, connecting with Guests and inspiring her Team. In the salon and spa she sets the example and shows respect and kindness to every person that walks through Ashka’s doors. Lisa never sits still and is generous with her time and talents – you will often find her doing laundry, cleaning and contributing to any and all tasks that need to be done. You may only know Lisa for a few minutes and she will make you feel as if she has known you forever! In her many years of experience she has written and taught AVEDA in-salon makeup classes, contributed to AVEDA curriculum and lead as a platform educator for AVEDA hair shows. Her excitement for her business and her Team is unwavering and she is passionate about all of the opportunities that this industry creates and offers for professionals. Most of all Lisa is the type of Leader you want to be around – she is always excited, contributes out-of-the-box ideas and believes in each person around her.


    Jozie believes that working is not just a way to make a living, but is an opportunity to be challenged, become more accomplished and rejoice in the success of those around you. She has worked at Ashka Salon & Spa since 2007 and often boasts that she has the best job in the whole world! She previously worked in the restaurant industry as an Operations Manager for nearly 5 years and was recruited for a management opening at Design 1 Salon Spa in Grand Rapids. The change in industry was challenging, but she adapted and has excelled by combining her experience from both industries in operations, administration, accounting, training, marketing, growth accountability and management to build her own leadership style – one that is structured, organized and steadfast, but also warm, positive and refreshingly honest. A keen sense of the big picture, as well as an understanding of the importance of small decisions, allows her to analyze profit and loss statements, create projections and trouble shoot in any area of the business. These skills enable her to thrive in a fast-paced environment where she handles unforeseen circumstances efficiently and with ease. She is incredibly grateful that talented leaders and mentors with varied backgrounds and diverse areas of expertise invested in her throughout her career. Jozie is excellent at making the tough decisions that come along with overseeing a growing business each day. You will find her answering phones and scheduling appointments alongside the team, but she is also extremely invested in the administrative parts of the business. In recent years she has obtained her real estate license and begun consulting with other business owners in the areas of marketing and growth. She credits Ashka and their owners for leading a business with integrity and allowing all who work for them as many opportunities as possible. Jozie loves being surrounded by the incredible team members at Ashka and works tirelessly to facilitate their growth and goals. She believes that the satisfaction of all of the service providers is imperative, as it directly impacts the satisfaction of the guests and the service they receive. Everyone should know what to expect when they come in to work for the day and Jozie knows that the culture of the salon is a #1 priority. She always says, “It’s not just how you treat someone – you are responsible for how you make them feel.”


    “Don’t follow where the path may lead. Instead blaze your own trail.” That’s the philosophy that Steve challenges himself to live by every day. Steve worked as a hair stylist for 15 years and has co-owned Ashka Salon & Spa with his wife Lisa since 2003. You will often hear Steve say “I have learned more in the past 13 years of life, than all of the previous years combined.” He says, “Being an entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging endeavors one could ever take on. Your team and customers are like a garden you must cultivate yourself, ensuring that all grow and thrive.” Steve feels fortunate to lead with such a talented leadership team and strongly endorses each individual using their strengths to the fullest. He has studied marketing, graphic design, photography, web design, music production and engineering, video production and special effects, architectural design, building trades and hair design along with small business acumen. From a beautiful hair cut to a space that invites you to stay, Steve believes that great creativity and design transcend all mediums. He no longer works in the business as a hair stylist but puts into practice many other skillsets he possesses. He designed the layout of the new salon and spa, managed its construction as well as designing fabricating and installing cabinetry and trade fixtures. Steve creates marketing campaign designs, printed materials and collateral, manages IT and designs and maintains Ashka’s website. He is also the photographer for Fusion Design Team as well as producing many of the images for Ashka’s website and marketing media. Steve says, “Our culture, economy and technology are changing so rapidly, that we have made it a core objective as a company to be flexible and ready for change. Blazing our trail is about being calculated and creative. Our leadership team is always poised and ready for a bright future.”


    Evelyn graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. This helped to prepare her for her role as our first Training Manager. Under direction of the leadership, she has spear-headed the development and implementation of the New Talent Training Program.

    She has a keen sense of both the technical and creative parts of the beauty industry and continues to educate and acclimate herself to new and advanced skills. Evelyn also understands the growth opportunity in our industry and spends time with our New Talent Stylists and Assistants sharing it. She began working at Ashka in 2010 and went through the New Talent Training Program before becoming a stylist. Her experience and skills have together prepared her to mentor team members.

    Evelyn has attended many advanced and continuing education classes including those offered by AVEDA such as Hair Color Solutions, Hair Color Systems, Deep Dive, Pure Blonding, Color Magic and Rock Your Reds. She has also attended Mid-America, as well as the Salon Centric Show and the Chicago Hair & Beauty Show. She has obtained training in many techniques such as Balyage, Ombre, Shellac, Airbrush Makeup, Bridal Makeup Application and Special Occasion Styling. She also spent a year being mentored by Ashka’s leadership. She is an invaluable resource to her coworkers and a shining example of leadership excellence!


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