Lash Lift $75
Lash Lift + Semi Permanent Mascara $100
Elleebana = Australian indigenous word for peace, tranquility and beauty
Elleebana is the creator of our Lash Lift and Semi-Permanent Mascara. A Lash Lift is a modern and improved version of a traditional lash perm that opens the eyes and give the appearance of longer and thicker lashes. Elleebana Lash Lifting uses customizable silicone rods to lift the lashes from the base of the lash along the lash line to give a raised and lengthened result. The manufacturer tests their products on themselves. The head office team constantly has test-lifts performed on themselves before any shipments of a new batch are sent out. Elleebana’s products are:
-Never tested on animals -Vegan -Gluten free -Paraben free -Formaldehyde free -Latex free -Hypoallergenic (Still requires patch test)

Depending on a person’s care and habits, the Lash Lift lasts 6-8 weeks. Baby lashes will lift, but as they grow out they may need to be re-lifted in 3 weeks or less to achieve your desired results.  Every guest will have a different amount of time between desired visits. Lashes have a natural cycle of growth in which each lash is on it’s own schedule. Lashes looking out of place sooner than anticipated will be because the guest’s initial Lash Lift took place during a heavy growth phase or a lash shedding phase with new growth presenting.

When you come into the salon for Lash Lifting, please come in bare-faced with NO MAKEUP on (including foundation, concealer, etc)
After care: -No showers or sauna for 24 hours after -No makeup remover for 48 hours after
-No oils, natural products or cleansers for 48 hours after -Do not rub or play with lashes after procedure.

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$35 OFF Lash Lifting & Semi Permanent Mascara

Madison - Eyelash Lift Specialist


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