LA Blondes: Blonding at it’s Finest

“Blondes have more fun” is a common phrase and with all of these beautiful sunkissed trends that are popular, it’s making me think that it might be true. Evelyn, Mona, Jessica, and I recently took the class LA Blondes. Blonding hair is always tricky because blonde means so many different things to so many different people and that is just talking about tone. Technique and effect are a complete different conversation, but it is just as important.

LA Blondes Overview

LA Blondes

This class was taught by Alberto Rossell-Davis. He is the Director of Hair Color Sales and Education at Aveda. Through Aveda Color Education, he has created customized technical classes and business classes. I was excited to hear that his LA Blondes class was coming to the Royal Oak Aveda Institute. As soon as our manager mentioned it to us, we jumped on the opportunity.

One of the biggest things that Alberto wanted us to understand is being able to choose the correct techniques to achieve the desired results. He put up four different images and asked up to identify the correct blonding technique. While all of them looked like they would fall under a “Balayage” category, they all were achieved in very different ways. This can be confusing for clients when they see a picture that has been described as “balayage” online but in reality they need to get traditional highlights to get achieve the look they want alongside a shadow root.

LA Blondes Trend Alert: Strobing

A new trend that we learned about was called Strobing. You may have heard of strobing when it comes to makeup, aka extreme highlighting. Strobing the hair is when you using a highlighting technique all over the head and then once the hair has been  rinsed and properly glossed, you go back over it to brighten certain pieces. This gives it that extra bit of highlight, just like the makeup technique. You can use strobing to accentuate certain features like a client’s eyes.

After this class, I know it really opened my eyes to all the different ways to achieve a similar result. It has definitely changed the way that I look at my blonde clients now.

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