Ashka Salon & Spa is proud and excited to be a part of the Detroit Metro Area and and for the opportunity to impact the lives in the community around us.  Our Anchor of Hope Community Giving Fund allows us to support many philanthropic endeavors throughout this great area!
We know that our guests are what makes our business GREAT and we are proud to support the charities and non-profit events that are important to them. We are honored that you have chosen to share your event with us and we look forward to being involved.
Donations submitted to Ashka Salon & Spa are reviewed by all members of the Anchor of Hope Community Giving Committee as they are received. If your event meets the criteria for Anchor of Hope you will receive a call at the phone number you give us prior to your event and will be given one week to pick up the donation.
You MUST provide 30 days of lead time before your event. Please do not fill out more than one request form. We ask that you organize your event to the best of your ability to minimize the amount of requests we receive pertaining to one event.

If my donation request is fulfilled by Ashka out of their Anchor of Hope Community Giving Fund I authorize them to use the organization’s name on the website on a list of recipients, in their publications and in future endeavors or reports having to do with philanthropy. I affirm that all of the information I filled out is true and correct and that to my knowledge the requested donation will not be misused or abused. I also agree to minimize the possibility that the donation is stolen or duplicated in any way.  I have read through all of the content on Ashka’s website pertaining to their Anchor of Hope Community Giving Fund and their  Lastly, I understand that requesting multiple donations for one event or requesting fraudulent donations will disqualify me and this charity organization or event indefinitely from receiving this or future donations.


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