We request a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation of any services. Please remember that our team of service providers has reserved this time to care for you, and be considerate of their time, talents and livelihoods. We ask that you be courteous to our service providers by keeping your appointment as you scheduled it whenever possible.

Although we are grateful for each guest and the appointments they schedule, canceling your reservation results in a loss of income for your stylist or technician. Even moving the appointment within a day or two, does not allow the service provider a great opportunity to reserve the open appointment time.

We respectfully ask that you do not schedule more than one appointment for the same service with the same service provider, with plans of cancelling one. This also prevents your stylist or technician from making reservations for other guests. Not coming in for a reserved appointment with no warning should only happen in the case of a true emergency.

Unlike many other salons and spas we do not commonly reserve appointments with a credit card and we do not commonly charge a cancellation fee. However, abuse of our reservation cancellation policy as described above, will result in a requirement that a credit card or cash deposit be given to reserve the appointment and be charged in case of cancellation or no-showing.


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